No Slip Stair Treads

No Slip Stair Treads

Avoid the dangers of slipping on stairs with the installation of Stairtrak Stair Nosings. 

We have many years of experience in manufacturing to Australian Standards and installation of our trusted Stair Nosings that make stairs safe. And we supply and install BCA and Australian Standard compliant stair nosing. Inserts meet compliance with AS4586:2013. 

Stair Nosings create anti-slip surfaces for stair treads from hard surfaces to carpets, and applications for stair nosing anti slip insertions include Residential, Commercial, Hospitality, Education, Medical, Strata and so on. 

The primary objective of the stair nosing is to enhance staircase safety. It works well in providing extra space for people to step while going up or down. Not only does it make stepping up and down stairs safely and more comfortable, but it also limits the chances of slipping and falling. 

There are so many danger spots in and around stairs with one slip and a serious injury can occur easily. 

The hospitality industry experiences high traffic flows in venues such as pubs and clubs and many locations have numerous step situations. 

From the street level entrances into pubs with only 1 -2 steps to grand entrances for large clubs and locations such as wedding reception venues and churches the danger of falling or slipping needs to be addressed with the installation of Stair Nosings. 

Anti-slip stair treads (no slip stair treads) or Stair Nosings come in many forms. Depending on your specific environment there will be an ideal Stair Nosing solution. From materials to shapes and fixings there are many aspects to consider. Hence, with the need to avoid injuries with people movement up and down stairs it Is critical for you to speak to an expert about your stair treads. 

When speaking to our experts it is important to organise for a visit to your site for proper assessment of the ideal stair nosing solutions. Your objectives and type of traffic are important considerations and a discussion with a stair nosing expert from Stairtrak will provide the right guidance for your anti slip stair treads needs. 

Moreover, avoiding litigation is critically important to your business or even your home. You should have your insurances in place and you should have your safety plan in place that includes safety stairs with Stairtrak stair nosings. 

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